If YOU do the work, from deep within, using Medicinal Nutrition, Medicinal Exercises and Fundamental Knowledge, you WILL bring your Body back to Balance. And you CAN have exceptional health all of your life. But only if you do the work. And we deliver how, what and when you do the Wellness Work Within.

Welcome to Ryoho Wellness

Ryoho Wellness works with clients to fix their health problems by looking for the cause (not just the symptoms) and then providing a specific, aligned treatment protocol including medicinal foods and nutrition and therapeutic ryoho yoga exercises to enable the organs and body to function properly. This results in our clients experiencing significant improvements in mobility, functioning and a symptom-free life full of good health; glowing, energetic and vibrant.

Ryoho Wellness is based on the modality of yoga therapy called Ryoho which was developed by Andzej Gospodarczyk in 1982. Ryoho is the sophisticated combination of traditional Indian Hatha yoga, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory, the Meridian-Based Healing Arts of China and Japan, Transcendental Meditation and Breathing Techniques, Medicinal Nutrition and Shiatsu Treatments. It facilitates establishing a fundamental and sound platform for good health and a great lifestyle.

Ryoho Wellness attracts clients from all over the world for common conditions associated with back-pain, neck-pain, hip-pain, headaches, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, obesity, weightloss, depression, stress, anxiety, digestion, respiratory, circulatory and hormonal issues.

Our Vision

We created this interactive online health business, Ryoho Wellness, because we wanted to reach and teach as many people as possible across the world, who are truly, deeply interested and committed to returning their body to balance and great health!  We wanted to use the ancient wisdom from far eastern medical practitioners that really implicitly understood how the body functions, how the organs do their job and what we need to do to facilitate that in our own body. We wanted to teach people how simple good health can be, and importantly, that conventional western medicine has it’s place, but should only be used when absolutely appropriate, and not just as a ‘bandaid’ because doing the hard work of good health is too hard.

Andzej Gospodarczyk, the founder of Ryoho Therapy, since 1980, treated thousands of clients using his unique style of wellness, in his Practice in Sydney Australia. And as more and more people experienced exceptional turnaround in quite often extremely serious health conditions, we realised there had to be a way of educating more and more people in remote locations in the ways of good health.  Our vision is to create a groundswell in fundamental wellness practices. And we are doing that with specific medicinal nutrition based on ordinary everyday ingredients that everyone has access to online or in their local wholefoods stores, combined with a series of guided therapeutic exercises developed specifically to correct conditions, that everyone can do from home.

Ryoho Wellness delivers a very simple approach to addressing complex health issues, that more and more people are experiencing. All it takes is commitment, motivation and the right fundamental wellness knowledge.

Which is where we at Ryoho Wellness come in to it, to empower you fully to great health.

The Story Behind the O

We used an open ended “O” in calligraphy format with dark blue indigo included in the color for several reasons. The hand brushed calligraphy represents the ancient way of writing in Japan and the blue’s used in the logo represent the colors used in ancient Japan, China and India. We see the blue colors in ink and dyes as well as in the mystical shades of the mountains at dawn and dusk, the blue in the deep oceans that connect us all and the different hues of blue in the wide open sky. The open ended “O” represents holistic health that must be maintained on an ongoing basis and health being a self-fulfilling prophecy and the gap in the “O” represents letting a little bit of new and positive influences into life. Hope you like it! 

Our Team

Andzej Gozpodarczyk
Founder, Ryoho Therapy
Director of Wellness, Ryoho Wellness

Andzej developed Ryoho in the early 1980’s as a unique modality of yoga therapy based on the sophisticated combination of traditional Indian Hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory, the Meridian-Based Healing Arts of China and Japan, Transcendental Meditation and Breathing Techniques, Medicinal Nutrition and Shiatsu Treatments.

Clients from all over the world seek treatment from Andzej for a variety of conditions associated with backpain, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, obesity, weight-loss, depression, stress, anxiety, digestion, respiratory, circulatory and hormonal issues.

Andzej is the Master Ryoho Yoga Teacher and regularly teaches yoga either in his own practice or as a part of the Ryoho Visiting Master Program, when invited by Yoga Schools or Retreats all over the world. In addition he runs Ryoho Yoga Retreats aligned to the Seasons and Supervised Fasting Retreats.

Andzej’s education has involved extensive travel and training with elite far eastern health practitioners in Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, the USA and Europe in the 1970’s. He is a guest speaker and author.

LINKEDIN: Connect with Andzej here

The founder of Ryoho therapeutic style of yoga and health, Andzej Gozpodarczyk, was trained overseas under the tutorage of far East-Asian specialists in their field. Many of these Masters were highly trained and gifted with ancient practices that remain highly relevant to achieving and maintaining great wellness today. Many of the Masters were the private consultants of members of Royalty, World Leaders and Rock Stars! Some of these Masters are below and are credited as fundamental to the development of Ryoho as a practice.

Margit Jeppesen, B.Bus, Mktg, MBA
Founder, Ryoho Wellness
Director of Business, Ryoho Wellness


Margit was originally a client of Andzej’s when she presented for treatment of severe, Stage 4 Endometriosis, Infertility and uncontrollable Anemia.

After 15 years of severe health issues, and stumbling her way through 11 hours of surgery, medical specialists, holistic health practitioners, alternative medicine, alternative therapies, counselling (you name it, she’d tried it), Ryoho was the ONLY thing that provided long term sustainable treatment of the cause of her problems. In fact she is in amazing health now, jumping out of her skin with energy and vibrancy, mother of an incredible 9 year old and yoga novice! And she credits it all to the innate and gifted skills that Andzej has in Ryoho.

Her vision to bring Ryoho to the world has been to create the Ryoho Wellness online business presenting a new and different platform of interactive online wellness education.

Margit’s background is in business with experience in senior management roles in top 50 public companies before establishing a Management Consulting Business advising public and private business on strategy, growth and evolution. Margit is also actively involved in the Samburu Trust in Kenya. Her areas of focus across all her business dealings include transformation, leadership, inspiration and wellness.

LINKEDIN: Connect with Margit here

What Our Clients and Ryoho Practitioners Say

…..The incredible satisfaction you feel when you help a client, who has lived with little or no functioning for decades in some cases, reach their full potential both physically and mentally is indescribable. Clients, who can play their favourite sport, play with kids or grandchildren, when they thought this would never be possible again. To have the tools to help people is the greatest gift….

…..I want to let everyone know about the uplifting health results that can be gained from Andzej Gospodorczyk’s Ryoho system. My many aches, pains and injuries from my career as a professional martial art instructor have got better. I am walking proof of the transformative power of Ryoho…..

Karen Armstrong, Client, Ryoho Wellness

I got a bone infection called osteomyelitis and was on huge doses of antibiotics. Andzej quickly advised me to follow a regime that would help eradicate the bacteria. I was promised I would feel some relief within 3 days (and I did!!) I am now feeling little or no pain and having more energy every day.

Elizabeth Etienne, Client, Ryoho Wellness

My back was ‘gone’ when I was introduced to Ryoho and my mobility now is due to, and only due to, Andzej and his treatment. Andzej has knowledge which is unsurpassed so you can bring any injury or condition to him and he can support you.

Colleen Kavanagh, Client, Ryoho Wellness

Life changing in more ways than you can possibly ever imagine.

Ginny Bain , Ryoho Yoga Therapist for 24 years

Having amazing results with the therapy – one woman eliminated all menstrual issues and ovarian cyst disappeared in the last 3 months. Another evened out leg length after 8 years of having one leg shorter. It’s magic what you teach.

Lorraine Rushton, Ryoho Yoga Therapist

…. changed my life in the most remarkable ways, not only has it completely realigned my spine, cured sever scoliosis and constant lower back problems, healed 10 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Zoë Joyce, Qualified Yoga Teacher and Accupuncturist

We should have taken before and after shots! Through your diet, I changed the shape of my muscles while losing no power or stamina. I never felt so good. Obviously dancing professionally is hard, you made it that much easier and pain free.

Dale Baker, Client, Ryoho Wellness

….Upon entering middle age (late 40s) I encountered a couple of concerning health issues.  I was very fortunate to be introduced to Andzej Gospodarczyk and Ryoho at this time.  Andzej opened my eyes to a new world.  I realised that a seemingly healthy lifestyle was actually damaging me.  Rather than merely treating my symptoms, Ryoho went a lot deeper and found the causes.  It was a game changer for me.  I regained my health fully.

James Polyzoidis , Client, Ryoho Wellness and now Student

I did the 6 week lower back class many years ago and it was life changing! 🙂

Suzanne Hardy, Client, Ryoho Wellness

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