The topic of drug taking is complex and diverse and in this episode we shed some light on what it means to fulfil a need by taking drugs, what to do to recover as quickly possible and a magnificent reason to stay away from dangerous, toxic and sometimes lethal substances. Loads of fascinating and helpful Ryoho Wellness insights and perspectives that may just help someone you love, or you.

In this Podcast we discuss illegal and legal drugs and the impact of taking drugs whether it’s at a suburban BBQ, rave party, schoolies week, teenage birthday party, work parties, in the comforts of your own home or in any other circumstance you can imagine. Drugs are becoming normalised in our society across all age groups and all demographics and some think it’s OK to do drugs, and others not. Some believe alcohol is a drug and some don’t. Some are not aware that they are addicted to prescription or sleeping pills, some don’t believe they’ll ever become addicted to the cocaine or ice they take and and others feel they have full control over what they put into their bodies and always will. But do they?

We hope you enjoy.

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