Happy New Lunar Year! It’s Chinese New Year next Tuesday 5th February and it is Year of the Pig! Ryoho has its foundations deeply planted in ancient far eastern medicine practices and philosophies and so we thought it highly appropriate to mark the occasion of the New Lunar Year with our first Podcast for 2019.

In it we discuss –

Andzej’s perspective on the coming year

  • Apart from the obvious health benefits, why should people care about a strong focus on wellness? What is the compelling reason for wellness? What is the impact and flow on effects that wellness have to the rest of your life?
  • People who have physical complaints such as headaches, being over-weight, back-ache, knee problems, hormonal problems, hip problems, anger/temper, anxiety, negativity, addictions, almost never see these issues as being an indicator of sickness. They don’t see themselves as unwell. We explore the signposts of being sick and unwell.
  • Wellness can be a secret weapon – better results, better relationships, more success, more output, more productive – but many people just don’t get this connection. We explore why.
  • Many people have likely heard somewhere on their health and wellness journey, that “the body can heal itself”, do you believe this is possible for many conditions we see in our community?

And a lot more! It’s a big Podcast so we had to cut it in half and will put the other one up soon! Likely on Chinese New Year.

We hope you enjoy.

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Podcast Housekeeping:

In each podcast, the introduction is the same. We have done this intentionally so that any new listener understands the background and mission of Ryoho Wellness. If you know this, the content starts around 1 minute and 29 seconds in.

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