Winter is here! After a beautiful long and warm Autumn, it’s snowing in the alps and the cities are frosty in the mornings. The big difference between Winter, summer, spring and autumn is that, we really do withdraw back into ourselves. Think of Winter as the time of quiet reflective time in the evening, or even the sleeping, hibernating time. It’s a time to relax and heal and recover, getting ready for much more activity coming soon, which would be the spring season where we go out into the environment and do a lot more.
In this Podcast Episode we discuss –
  • What happens to your body in Winter?
  • How does you body cope going from  a very cold winter to a hot climate on holidays? And then back again!
  • What impact flu epidemics have on you?
  • Tonics and Remedies to fix your winter illness
  • What food you need during Winter to sustain you
  • Cold Water and Winter, how it affects your health?
  • Why calcium and minerals are essential during Winter?
  • Why you need to stay calm, relaxed and warm during Winter and how to do that.

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