Diabetes and blood sugar level conditions are more and more common in our community. Medication controls the symptoms of the illness, but what can you do to fix your Diabetes naturally, so you don’t have to be on medication or taking tests for the rest of your life? In this Episode we explore the following  –

  • How to cure diabetes without medicine?
  • How do you reverse diabetes naturally?
  • Carb counting and Insulin?
  • What is a compelling reason for you to address the real cause and get your body functioning properly?
  • How to think of diabetes and blood sugar levels as a signpost that your body is unwell (rather than a condition you have to put up with forever)?
  • What foods contribute to diabetes other than natural and processed sugar?
  • Find out if dairy products contribute to your condition?
  • If you have been told you were born with the propensity for diabetes, can you still fix it naturally?
  • Is Diabetes the result of a poor functioning digestive system?
  • What are the 3 wellness tips for diabetes management that you can work on immediately?

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