This is Part 2 of the 2019 Startup Episodes and we cover –

  • The three stages of life and why you have until the age of 70 before you EVEN have to remotely contemplate older age in physical terms. This is massive and a total reset for many people who think they are no longer young and starting to getting old when they turn 50/60.
  • Mindset is such an important issue. Really believing that you CAN DO something really well, is so important. And as children we all start with there can do, we’re born with that, and then the filters kick in, and environment shapes our belief systems. From a Ryoho perspective, how do you change belief systems around wellness expectations?
  • If you catch yourself being a bit negative or down or judgmental – all behaviours that don’t support you to be your best  – what’s a quick fix to change that state?
  • If you’re feeling rested and strong and inspired from the break over the festive season, how do you bottle that up and keep a little bit of that going throughout the year?
  • We’ve covered a lot of deep topics in this opening podcast for 2019, and many loops have been opened which we will work on in our Podcasts over the coming year, but for now we discuss how to get the best out of 2019?

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Podcast Housekeeping:

In each podcast, the introduction is the same. We have done this intentionally so that any new listener understands the background and mission of Ryoho Wellness. If you know this, the content starts around 1 minute and 29 seconds in.

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